When should I install new flooring?

Want to give your home a makeover? Add charm to your home with a new floor. The right type of flooring for your home can completely transform it making it look and feel more luxurious

When to Install New Flooring in Florida?

You can have a new floor installed any time of the year in Florida. Before scheduling a new flooring installation, make sure your HVAC is working properly and is capable of controlling home temperature and indoor humidity levels.

  Flooring Maintenance Tips 

You cannot install new flooring and forget it and must make flooring maintenance a top priority. Regular flooring maintenance can save you money and headaches down the road by addressing current flooring problems before they worsen and preventing potential issues. Well maintained floors usually last longer than poorly maintained ones. Flooring maintenance also helps keep your floors looking their best for years. 

Here are some of our top flooring maintenance tips

Put Mats on All Entrances 

Shoes can track dirt, mud and debris onto your floors. Regardless of the type of your flooring, dirt can damage it. It is therefore advisable that you have a strict no shoes in the house policy. Also, put mats on all house entrances to catch dirt and keep it outside. 

Sweep or Dust mop Regularly 

Vacuum and/or mop floors in less frequently used rooms every other week or once a month to prevent dust from building up. Flooring in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, entrance, bathroom and hallway should be wet mopped every week. If you have pets, consider mopping your floors more frequently- twice or thrice every week. Regular mopping makes flooring maintenance a breeze and you spend less time cleaning your floors and more time appreciating their beauty. 

Remember to vacuum or sweep your floors before washing them to prevent dirt from spreading. When vacuuming your floors, make sure the attachment and suction power rate you are using is appropriate for the flooring type. 

Flooring maintenance can take some doing. Stubborn stains may not respond to traditional cleaning tools or methods and you may end up scrubbing your floor for hours to no avail. If you have a lot on your plate or hate spending your weekends cleaning and maintaining your floors, hire a flooring company in Tampa to carry out maintenance tasks. 

Clean up Spills Immediately


The longer you allow spills to sit on your floor, the harder they will be to get rid of. Also unattended spills can cause moisture damage. Blot spills using paper towels and clean immediately to prevent stains. To prevent spills from spreading, start at the edges and slowly move inwards. Dry the area after cleaning.

Protect Your Floors From Furniture and Other Heavy Items 

Never drag heavy furniture pieces across your floor or they may leave behind ugly scratches. Instead lift and carry them. To prevent indentation, use furniture padding. 

Steer Clear of Cleaning Products With Harsh Chemicals. 

Avoid floor cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach or other harsh chemicals as they can discolor or damage floors and give off toxic fumes. 

Consider eco-friendly cleaning products that remove dirt and stains without harming human health and the environment. Before using a cleaning product for the first time, test it on a small hidden area. 

How to clean a floor? First and foremost, choose a mop and bucket. If you have textured flooring, use a strip mop.  For smooth floors, sponge mops are ideal. Next choose a cleaning detergent that is safe to use on your floor. 

Once you have chosen a mop and cleaning product, follow the steps below to clean your floor. 

Sweep or vacuum your floor and pre-wash sticky spots using a sponge and soapy water

  • Mix hot water and detergent in your bucket 
  • Dip the mop in your bucket and wring it out with a wringer so it is damp, not sopping wet
  • Mop your floor working from one end to another 
  • Rub back and forth over spots with stubborn stains 
  • Rinse the mopped area and repeat the mopping and rinsing process for every section of your floor 
  • Let your floor dry 

Want to have a new floor installed? MRK Flooring can manage your project from start to finish. Our flooring experts know all there is to know about different types of flooring. To schedule an installation, call 813 324 0362.